There are many things you can do to save money on your heating costs, however big oil companies don’t promote them because the bottom line for them is oil volume sales.  The benefit of going to a private company such as A.S.A.P Burner Service is that we really want to save you money! Ultimately the best way for you  to save money is to replace your old appliances with the most energy efficient units. However, if this is not feasible there are several other ways that we can help you keep costs down.

Here are a few things we can do to save you money:

Tekmar Controls


The Mixing Setpoint Control  is designed to operate a mixing device to maintain a setpoint water temperature. It can be used in applications ranging from boiler protection of cast iron boilers to maintaining setpoint temprature in accordance to outdoor tempratures.  All boilers Run off a high limit control.  For normal baseboard heating the set point is set to 180 deg f.  This is to ensure that on the coldest day of the year that proper heat is delivered to the house.  The fact is that this temprature is only needed for 1 week of a year in some cases.

The Tekmar control will override this high limit and allow the temperature of the boiler to change with the temperature outside.  So on warmer days the setpoint may only be 120-130 degrees F in turn saving you a lot of money.

teckmarIndirect Ultra Superstor

The SuperStor Ultra is true advancement in hot water generation. By tying the Ultra into your existing or new boiler as a seperate zone with a circulator or zone valve, it will start the boiler only when the Ultra requires hot water and transfers heated energy through the high output exchanger to produce larger amounts of hot water.

2″ of insulation around tank allows less than 1/2 degree per hour heat loss; the best in the industry.Stainless steel tank allows manufacture to offer limited lifetime protection plan (as a installer, we have never had a leaky tank or had to replace a Super Stor, ever).

Consider this, based on a full tank of 115 degree hot water, a 40 gallon electric water heater 1st hour rating is about 40 gallon. A 40 gallon gas (40,000 btu) has a 1st hour rating of about 76 gallons ((about 3 showers)) and a Super Stor SSU 45 has a 1st hour rating of 292 gallons. That’s Awesome!!! Then think about the heat loss. A typical gas or electric water heater tank has 1″ of insulation and then a gas water heater has a flue with a constant draft stealing heat off of the steel tank. Now think how long a typical water heater lasts 6 – 10 years?

Stainless steel indirect water heaters with 2″ of insulation, maintenance free, and a lifetime warranty is awesome and well worth the money.